National Parks That Are Best To Visit During The Summer

Unless you are visiting a designated tropical or desert area, experiencing most national parks is best done during the summer. The spring rains are gone and snow is completely melted away, depending on the region. Explore areas on foot or simply take a lounging day off. Whatever activities you enjoy, you are bound to find inspiration in one of these amazing parks.


Niagara Falls And Boat Experiences

Visit Niagara Falls during the summer to see it in its full beauty. Skies should be relatively clear with comfortable temperatures as you look out on the wide falls. Take a boat ride close to the fall's base to experience the huge mist mass that emanates from the water's surface. Or simply hike along the trails surrounding Niagara to see all nature has to offer. With the pounding water as a never-ending sound backdrop, your summer national park adventure is a truly unique one.


Yellowstone And Camping

Although you can visit Yellowstone in all its glory during the winter, the bitter cold may dissolve some of your planned activities. Select a summer visit to Yellowstone to truly see all the wildlife and plant life that decorates this magnificent park. Visit the geysers and learn about their origins deep in the Earth. One of the best things about Yellowstone is the camp sites. You'll love looking up in the night sky to see hundreds of stars twinkling.


Yosemite And Hiking

Because of snow, rain and road closures, Yosemite is best seen in the summer. Tree foliage and grasses will be fully green with remaining spring flowers struggling to stay in bloom. Hike up to Half Dome for an experience of a lifetime. This glacier-carved rock is one of the most unique parts of Yosemite. Discover the many waterfalls and hiking trails while looking up into huge tree canopies shading your way.


Bus Tours For Grand Canyon, Yosemite Or Yellowstone

Summertime is also a perfect time to leave the driving to a professional. Consider bus tours of all of North America's famous national parks to keep your eyes busy on the scenery, not the road. Travel to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Yellowstone to complete your bucket list, for example. With one-week tours being the typical length, you'll have time to see all the natural wonders.


The summer offers more activities, and comfortable temperatures, for many national parks. Research your desired vacation to find a retreat that refreshes the mind and body.